Vehicle Tracking And Dust Control

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Stabilized Construction Access

Stabilized Construction Roadway

Tire Wash

Street Cleaning

Dust Control

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Stabilized construction access is required to minimize the tracking of soils and sediment from vehicles leaving the construction site. Installation of a rock pad or a construction mud mat at the site’s exit/entrance should be used to protect streets and public rights-of-ways. Construction mud mats are comparatively easier to install and remove, and may best fit smaller more urban sites, due to space constraints.

  • Install the construction entrance after fencing off “no disturbance” areas and establishing perimeter controls.
  • Design mats and rock pads to support the heaviest and widest equipment entering the project site.
  • Anchor construction mud mats to the adjacent surface to ensure stable placement.
  • Grade the construction exit/entrance to prevent runoff from leaving the site.
  • Direct all runoff from the access through a sediment-trapping device prior to discharge.

Inspect the construction access points daily. If clogged with sediment and debris, clean or replace the rock or mats. Maintenance also includes the cleaning and repair of any structures used to trap sediment.

All materials spilled, dropped, washed or tracked from vehicles onto roadways or into the stormwater collection system shall be removed or cleaned up immediately, and no later than the end of the work day. Applying water to the roadway before sweeping or vacuuming may help loosen sediment, provided that discharge to the stormwater collection system does not occur.