Urban Runoff (storm drain pollution) is caused by motor oil, antifreeze, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, trash, particulates from automobiles, construction debris, and household chemicals that are washed down or poured down neighborhood storm drains.  Everything that goes down the storm drain flows directly into creeks, waterways and ultimately the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Unlike the water that goes down the drains in kitchens and bathrooms, storm drain water is NOT cleansed by sewage treatment plants.

Your business can be part of the solution to prevent stormwater pollution.  Follow these simple good housekeeping practices to keep your business in compliance and help improve water quality in our local waterways:

  • Prevent leaks and spills from getting into storm drains
  • Protect stored materials and waste containers from contact with rainfall
  • Prevent leaves and garden chemicals from washing into storms drains
  • Keep the outside of your facility free of trash
  • Label and inspect storm drain inlets
  • Prevent wash water and other pollutants from flowing into storm drains
  • Recycle fluorescent lamps, batteries, and electronics
  • Educate and train employees and contractors
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