Program Facts

What is the Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Program?

The Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Program (BFFCP) was inspired by the Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership to help facilitate successful fundraiser carwashes while protecting our ocean from pollution that can be carried in wastewater from car washing activities.

The Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Program:

  • Provides outreach and education about the potential harmful effects caused by wastewater discharge from traditional fundraiser carwashes
  • Promotes bay friendly car washing solutions that help solve pollution problems while also supporting the activities of fundraising groups
  • Connects fundraising groups with BFFCP Partners that can help them hold bay friendly fundraiser carwashes
  • Helps keep our ocean healthy and pollution free

Please Note:

The Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Program is limited to businesses located within the boundaries of Monterey County and its incorporated cities due to funding constraints. However, we value the support and dedication of any business in preventing stormwater pollution. Therefore, businesses which are outside our jurisdictional boundaries that are eligible to participate in our program may apply for special courtesy listing as an “Out Of County Program Affiliate.”

How Can a Fundraiser Carwash Pollute Our Ocean?

Fundraiser carwashes can pollute our ocean because the soapy wastewater from a carwash—often carrying dirt, grease, detergents, and other pollutants—typically flows along a parking lot or other paved surface into the storm drain system. From there, it flows untreated to our ocean where it can harm fish and other aquatic life.

All by itself, your carwash may not seem to be contributing much pollution to our local waterways. But collectively, wastewater from fundraiser carwashes throughout the community can contribute significant amounts of harmful pollutants to our ocean.

Differences between the Storm Drain & Sanitary Sewer Systems

The storm drain system exists to prevent localized flooding by directly transporting excess stormwater runoff (rain that doesn’t soak into the ground) and irrigation water from neighborhoods and streets to our ocean.

The storm drain system includes underground pipes, as well as surface features such as drain inlets, streets, gutters, roadside ditches, and detention basins. Virtually all outdoor drains lead to the storm drain system!

The water entering the storm drain system is not treated to remove pollutants. Stormwater flows through the storm drain system to our local waterways. Any pollutants that enter the storm drain system end up in our ocean where they can harm the environment.

In contrast, the sanitary sewer system is designed to carry wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial sources to a treatment plant where pollutants are removed before treated water is discharged.

Commercial carwash facilities dispose of their wastewater to the sanitary sewer system—that’s why we encourage fundraising groups to consider partnering with a commercial carwash for their fundraising events!

Are Fundraiser Carwash Activities Prohibited?

However, discharges of wastewater and/or other pollutants associated with fundraiser carwashes to the storm drain system are prohibited by state and local regulations that do not allow discharges of pollutants to the storm drain system.

Therefore, fundraiser carwash activities must be conducted in a manner that prevents pollutant discharges to the storm drain system.

What is a Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash?

A Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash is one that prevents wastewater discharges to the storm drain system and therefore doesn’t contribute to pollution in our community’s ocean and waterways.

A Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash keeps wastewater out of the storm drain system by diverting the wastewater to the sanitary sewer system or to a landscaped area where it will not pollute our ocean. It’s that simple!

How a Fundraiser Organization Can Hold a Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash

A Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash protects our ocean by not allowing wastewater to enter the storm drain system.

You can have a Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash by:

  • Working with a commercial carwash to host your fundraiser event at its facility. This option will ensure proper disposal of your wastewater to the sanitary sewer system with no effort on your part, conserves water, and may increase your potential profit. Here is our current list of Commercial Carwash Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Partners with whom you may choose to partner.
  • Collaborating with a park, school or school district that can accommodate Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwashes at their site.
  • Teaming with a business, park or other site that works with you to implement Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash measures to properly manage and dispose of your wastewater. Click here to find the complete current list of Bay Friendly Fundraiser Carwash Partners that you may choose to work with for your fundraiser event.
  • Following the guidelines below when partnering with a commercial carwash facility is not feasible for your group.

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