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The Central Coast Water Board's new, more stringent Post-Construction Requirements (PCRs) become effective March 6, 2014. For additional information as well as a link to the Stormwater Technical Guide, visit the Developers Resources page.
Residents can make a difference with their actions to prevent pollution. Everyday activities like washing your car or caring for your garden impact water quality. Simple things you can do to be part of the solution to stormwater pollution. Follow the guidelines and you'll help minimize the discharge of pollutants from your facility into our storm drains. Browse the interim Low Impact Deveopment (LID) guidelines and resources.
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Central Coast Areas of Special Biological Significance Regional Monitoring Program
Central Coast Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) Regional Monitoring Program

The Central Coast ASBS Regional Monitoring Program (CC ASBS RMP) is a collaboration of various agencies and entities on the Central Coast, covering an area from Big Sur, in Monterey County, to Pt. Reyes, in Marin County. The project includes monitoring requirements (i.e. water sampling and analysis for various pollutants of concern) specified in the Special Protections for twelve (12) participants designated as Responsible Parties which include: The Counties of Marin, Monterey, San Mateo; the Cities of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, Pacific Grove; Caltrans, Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Pebble Beach Company. The Scope of Work for the Central Coast ASBS Regional Monitoring Program has been developed through discussions with staff from State and Regional Water Boards, as well as the responsible parties discharging storm water into Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS). For additional information please contact your local agency and/or entity.

However, as a service to this worthwhile endeavor the members of the MRSWMP program are assisting the CC ASBS RMP members by posting meeting notices and agendas on this website.

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