Program Documents

Stormwater Management Program Documents

MRSWMP Monitoring Program

In August, 2015, MRSWMP commissioned a report by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to analyze regional monitoring data that was collected from 2000-2014. The comprehensive analysis identified some interesting and positive trends regarding water quality for our region. Read the full report at the following link:

You can review the annual Final Reports of the MRSWMP Monitoring Program at the following links. The Reports provide a detailed analysis of our First Flush and Dry Weather monitoring efforts. We greatly appreciate the dedicated volunteers who participate in our Volunteer Monitoring Program, whose efforts make this type of analysis possible.

Monterey Regional Stormwater Management Permit / Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Phase II Stormwater Permit 2013

Documents maintained on the California EPA State Water Resources Control Board website. The information contained within this Permit directly relates to the MRSWMP Member Entities and serves as the guiding document that Member Entities must implement, unless otherwise agreed to with the Central Coast Water Board.

Construction Activities

Documents maintained on the California EPA State Water Resources Control Board website.

  • Development/Redevelopment Projects
    For development projects equal to or greater than one (1) acre of disturbed soil area, or less than one (1) acre if the site was originally part of a larger common plan of development that originally required a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), project proponents must comply with the requirements outlined under the State Water Resources Control Board’s Construction General Permit.

  • Post Construction Requirements
    For all development and redevelopment projects prior to developing plans MRSWMP Member Entities recommend that project proponents review and apply as appropriate the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Post Construction Requirements (PCR’s). Project proponents may also want to speak to their local agency representative before developing plans.