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  Unless otherwise noted, the following are in PDF format.
  Brochures & Info Sheets Educational Materials
  Sustainable Living Practices First Flush Flyer
  Downspount Disconnecting Community Storm Drain Stenciling
  Rain Barrels Restaurant Poster (English and Spanish)
  Pool Maintenance Monterey Bay Begins on Your Street
  Trash 101: Simple Tips for Businesses Gas Station Poster
  Automotive Maintenance Automotive Repair Poster (Spanish and English)
  Car Care for Do it Yourselfers Ten Tips for Preventing Stormwater Pollution
  Construction Site Best Management Practices Residential Car Washing Tips
  Fresh Concrete and Mortar For Teachers
  Earth Moving Activities Free School Presentations Grades 4-12
  Food Service Industry Student Survey
  Landscaping and Gardening Green Business Program
  Home Maintenance Tips Green Business Program Web Site
  Home Repair and Remodeling Program Description
  Heavy Equipment Operation Stormwater Program
  Painting, Solvents and Adhesives Detailed Documentation: Program Components
  Pest Control About the Program
  Roadwork and Paving Regional Map
  Motor Oil Recycling Public Survey
  Find a Recycling Center (Web Site) Report Storm Drain Pollution Dumping or Spills
  Commercial Washers Hazardous Waste
  Pressure Washer Handbook Household Hazardous Waste
  Media Outreach
  Video Audio
  TV PSA: Fowl Water (.mov) English Spanish Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Sciences Radio Spots
  TV PSA: Storm Drain (.mov) English Spanish Carwash (mp3)
  TV PSA:Marine Debris (YouTube) Engish Spanish Cleanup (mp3)
  TV PSA:Dog Doo (YouTube) English Spanish Balloons (mp3)
  Movie Theater Clip (MPG) Screen Ad Print Ad Print Ad (Spanish)  
  "Make the Connection" / "Entienda la conexíon" Video for Restaurant Owners and Workers  
Please Keep Motor Oil,Soap, and Paint Out of the Streets and Storm Drains

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